A family pet is stolen to fight in the dog pits of Tijuana.

A rescue plan enlists the aid of a washed-up writer—agoraphobic, alcoholic, and addicted to Valium.

He’s not the man for the job.

But he’s all they’ve got.

John Langsdorf—a struggling young writer—knows he can bang out a follow-up to his first successful book if only he can score enough cash to feed his addictions. A desperate family with checkbook in hand turns to John when their beloved dog goes missing. Their rottweiler was stolen and hustled south across the border to Mexico, to be unleashed in the vicious dogfighting pits of Tijuana.

John sets off in the company of the dog’s owner, Meg, a retired staff sergeant from the Marines.

An unlikely pair, heading straight for likely trouble.

But it’s true what they say: every dog has his day.


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