When Paul Mazursky and Larry Tucker wrote the screenplay for  Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice , they had no idea that the movie would be revolutionary, ushering a new wave of themes presented on the big screen and motifs that were considered too “dirty” before former comedian Mazursky went on to make his directorial debut. The plot revolves around two couples, the titular Bob and Carol, and their best friends Ted and Alice. After spending some time at a retreat center that promotes emotional honesty as a way of life, Bob and Carol continue to embody their newfound philosophy and share it with their friends. Ted and Alice don't believe them at first, but after Bob admits to having a purely physical affair with his assistant and Carol reacts with understanding, Ted starts to consider that way of life as a viable option. 

The film stars Robert Culp, Natalie Wood, Elliott Gould and Dyan Cannon, with the cast giving stellar performances all around. This perfect mix of naivete and humor profoundly resonated with Americans in the sixties i.e., with people who saw their moral standards change and who searched for absolute freedom in their lives, all the while being confronted with the same desires and longings as the characters. The movie was a big financial and critical success, becoming the sixth highest-grossing film in 1969 and receiving four Academy Award nominations.