Filmmaker Mark L. Lester’s fifth directorial effort was originally supposed to be called either Desperado or Bobbi Jo and the Outlaw Man, but the 1976 crime drama shot in New Mexico ultimately ended up with the title Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw. A progeny of the 1967 hit Bonnie and Clyde, Lester’s film follows the titular heroine, an aspiring country singer, as she leaves her job behind and hits the road with Lyle Wheeler, a young Billy the Kid wannabe. Together with Bobbie’s sister and her boyfriend, the young misfits pass the point of no return as they wreak a path of havoc and destruction. 

Lynda Carter goes topless as Bobbie Jo in her first-ever movie role, one with which she hit theaters a mere four months after taking television by storm as Wonder Woman. Former child evangelist preacher Marjoe Gortner (his first name being a combination of “Mary” and “Joseph”) eventually accepted the part of Wheeler after initially declining it, so the actor who had been the producers’ second choice had to be turned down. And that actor was Sylvester Stallone. Written by Vernon Zimmerman, Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw is a well-directed and entertaining crime film that combines action-packed scenes with slower, more character-driven ones.