Written by Larry Cohen and Lorenzo Semple, Jr., and directed by Mark Robson in his first feature film after the success of his Valley of the Dolls, Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting is a 1969 thriller film starring Carol White, Scott Hylands and Paul Burke. Cathy is a young British woman who moves to San Francisco, where she meets and falls in love with Kenneth. She gets pregnant, but when she’s exposed to the darker side of Kenneth’s personality, she decides to get an abortion. She moves on and marries Jack, but when she give birth to their baby, Kenneth pops back in her life and demands her to kill the child as payment for the baby she aborted at the end of their relationship.

Larry Cohen concocted a dark story that Mark Robson translated into an excellent psychological thriller with great performances, solid characters and an expertly designed build-up to the tense resolution of the complex relationships on screen. Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting is an unfairly overlooked gem of a film that makes the absolute most out of its clever and traumatic premise. It’s a B-movie which leaves the impression of belonging to television, but the talent of the people involved in making it is painfully obvious, making the film a real treat to watch.