Another impressive thriller spearheaded by Jean-Paul Belmondo in one of his typical solitary tough-guy lead roles, The Hunter Will Get You – originally titled L’Alpagueur – is a clean and very satisfying example of French 1970s thrillers. Written and directed by Philippe Labro, embellished with Michel Colombier’s piano-ridden score, The Hunter Will Get You succeeded in attracting more than 1.5 million film-lovers to French cinemas, remaining one of the more popular entries of the year. With excellent photography and a tidy script, this film has all the ingredients you need for an enthralling thriller – just like we’d come to expect from both Belmondo and the French cinema.

The story is shaped as your standard cat-and-mouse exciting ride: Belmondo plays a capable headhunter on the payroll of the police. He’s not an official collaborator of the law enforcement – he’s their secret weapon, paid with money stolen from criminals. His mission is to locate and liquidate a particularly vicious bank robber called l’Epervier (Sparrowhawk), notorious for his habit of killing all witnesses to his wrongdoing. Sparrowhawk’s modus operandi involves getting rid of his own accomplices, but one of them manages to survive and helps Belmondo track the antagonist down.