A psychopath outraged by what his beloved neighborhood of South Bronx has turned into decides to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy real-estate developer. Unfortunately for him, he makes the grave mistake of kidnapping the wrong girl, Kathy, the daughter of a former policeman who’d rather die than let something happen to her. The policeman then embarks on a wild and exciting pursuit all across New York City, not only dealing with the psychopath, but also with the police on his tail, led by a corrupt former colleague eager to have his revenge. The problem is – he’s running out of time, as the kidnapper doesn’t mind staining his hands with blood.

Directed by Robert Butler based on a script penned by Rick Natkin and Bill Norton Sr., which was an adaptation of William P. McGivern’s 1976 novel of the same name, Night of the Juggler is helmed by its charismatic lead James Brolin accompanied by an excellent support cast made of Cliff Gorman, Richard S. Castellano, Abby Bluestone, Julie Carmen and Linda Miller. The sleazy, violence-ridden streets of New York City serve as the brilliant setting for an action-packed neo-noir crime film, and as you watch Brolin’s character bruise his way across town, there’s no time to take a break as the simple but dynamic plot unravels before your eyes.