Two young female hitchhikers kidnap an alcoholic driving instructor as part of their long-term scheme to reach New Orleans. What they didn't plan on, however, is the fact that the poor instructor, a former Marine Corps sergeant called “Gunny” Rafferty, is basically up for an adventure and starts to enjoy their weird company. This unlikely trio goes on a trip to Las Vegas and further across the country, pulling all kinds of schemes to help finance their extraordinary road trip.

With a humorous tagline stating “they took Rafferty for everything he had and thereby saved his life”, Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins is an atypical road movie with a splendid cast comprised of Alan Arkin, Sally Kellerman and Mackenzie Phillips. Directed by Dick Richards and written by John Kaye, it's a warm and entertaining story about three lonely outcasts and their intertwining destinies on the margins of American society. a small but priceless role from Harry Dean Stanton additionally seals the deal. This underrated mixture of comedy and drama received some really good reviews, as Pauline Kael, for instance, called it a well-acted, “charmingly inconsequential film with a sidewise vision that sneaks up on you.”