Franklin Cane is a young professional tennis player with a bright future ahead. He wins tournaments, listens to his coach who says to focus on the game and not on distractions (such as TV commercial offers), and enjoys spending time with his girlfriend who he loves. But as soon his coach dies, Cane starts to give in to vices that often go hand in hand with fame, resulting in his life beginning to unravel.  The Christian Licorice Store  was written by Floyd Mutrux and helmed by the late James Frawley—an Actors Studio member and a director, with most of his work consisting of diverse but popular TV series (Columbo, Magnum, P.I., Grey's Anatomy, just to name a few).

The lead role of Franklin Cane was portrayed by Beau Bridges, a perfect casting decision that elevated the character of the troubled youth. The scene where Bridges shares the screen with legendary French director Jean Renoir (as himself), and his co-star Maud Adams, was almost entirely improvised, which speaks a lot to Bridges’ performance and his capabilities. The title of the movie is a lyric from the song  Pleasant Street  by Tim Buckley, and the film’s official score was done by Lalo Schifrin.