Directed by Jack Cardiff, who came up with the story, and written by Ronald Duncan and Gillian Freeman, The Girl on a Motorcycle is a 1968 erotic drama starring Alain Delon and Marianne Faithfull with supporting performances from Marius Goring, Catherine Jourdan and Roger Mutton. Cardiff’s film tells the story of a young woman called Rebecca who has recently married Raymond. The problem is that a couple of weeks before her marriage she met and fell in love with Daniel, who becomes her passionate lover. As Daniel refuses the idea of them getting married, she informs him that she’ll soon become Raymond’s wife, and he gives her a Harley Davidson motorcycle as his wedding gift. She uses this symbol of her freedom to travel from France to Germany to see Daniel, but on the way back to her husband decides it’s actually Daniel with whom she wants to spend her life with.

Shot on locations in France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium, The Girl on a Motorcycle was greeted with great enthusiasm from the audience. This mixture of erotic and romantic drama ended up as the sixth most popular film in Britain in 1968, and it comes as no surprise that this kinetic, dynamic and visually beautiful film found a large audience in France as well.