When a young boy witnesses mobsters murdering his father, it traumatizes him so much that twenty years later he starts killing off those responsible for the death of his parent. Police Captain John Kiley puts the pieces together and figures out that the person behind the killings is actually the young boy from two decades ago, so he informs the mafia boss that someone is after him. The boy, now a very capable man named Raymond Castor, kidnaps the mafia boss's daughter to try to goad him out of hiding. In the meantime, Kiley searches for the killer.

Even though the script from director Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi and screenwriters Jorge Illa and Brian Degas presents itself as rather thin, the action scenes, most notably the motorbike sequences, elevate the film to a whole different level, courtesy of the great stunt work done by Rémy Julienne and his crew.This helped cinematographer Juan Gelpí give his creative maximum and paint a visually striking picture. Luis Enríquez Bacalov provided the score and one of the songs from the movie stayed in director Quentin Tarantino's mind so much that he decided to use it in Kill Bill: Volume 2. Christopher Mitchum portrayed the grown-up protagonist and managed to play off of Karl Malden (John Kiley) rather successfully, creating a sympathetic game of cat and mouse, where the viewers root for the underdog and hope he does not get caught.