Then Came Bronson is a TV series that started airing in 1969 and ended its twenty-six-episode run in 1970. The series’ pilot was made as a TV movie (and distributed as a feature film in Europe) that tells the story of Jim Bronson, a newspaperman who leaves his job after the death of his best friend, to go on a motorcycle odyssey through America to find out the meaning of life. Or his life, to be exact. People who saw the series when it initially aired fell in love with the character who was not as tough as the one who was popular at the time, the archetypal lone wolf, portrayed by the likes of Marlon Brando and Dennis Hopper.

They were also mesmerized by the prevalent idea of being free, of roaming throughout America and not being under the establishment’s thumb. Some even say it spawned a whole generation of dirt-bikers who followed in Bronson's footsteps. The movie was directed by William A. Graham and written by Denne Bart Petitclerc, with the titular role portrayed by Michael Parks, who had appeared in three anti-establishment movies before filming Then Came Bronson, and who would later enjoy a solid career full of appearances in drive-in horror movies and TV shows.