When Gino Vincenzo gets out of prison, he quickly decides to rob a security transport truck and asks his brother Tony for help. But the truck in question belongs to Steve Skorsky, whose company boasts with the fact that their hi-tech vehicles are virtually untouchable. Tony understands an operation like this needs extensive planning and preparation, but Gino goes ahead and gets himself killed. Seeking revenge, Tony decides to finish what his brother started, only properly. The truck’s alleged impenetrability is not his only problem: Skorsky secretly uses his vehicles to transport gold for the Mafia.

Originally titled Las Vegas 500 Milliones, a unique hybrid of American and European cinema came out back in 1968, an action-packed, fast-paced crime film carrying a highly descriptive name of They Came to Rob Las Vegas. Spanish film editor, director and producer Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi directed this clever and innovative feature packed with American stars such as Gary Lockwood, Lee J. Cobb and Jack Palance, but the majority of the film was actually shot in Spain, which the production hid as cleverly as possible. With a two-hour running time, Isasi’s thriller doesn’t represent just good entertainment; it’s an intelligent and interesting farewell to the crime films of the past, as the rise of technology forces criminals to change the way they’ve been doing business for decades.