With their books Atar Gull and Tyler Cross, respectively a hard-as-nails transatlantic slave trade era revenge epic and a 1950s one-man-versus-the-mafia cross country underworld Americana odyssey, Fabien Nury and Bruno have definitively established themselves as the tricked-out, bande dessinee answer to Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, and as senior contributors to the canon of deep noir by any stretch. In their book Vintage Badass, excerpted below, and available in a handsome oversized hardcover from Dargaud, they celebrate their cinematic influences, from classic noir film staples, to films from the catalogue of Michael Winner, cult picks from the Italian Poliziotteschi and Giallo canon, pivotal French polars, Japanese Yakuza films, new classics from the ranks of modern Korean revenge movies, Brit crime, and everything in between.