Jason Walk won’t play ball.

A hell of a long time ago, that meant not taking a payoff. Instead, Walk threw the best damn game of his minor-league career.

Today it means sitting out society’s various shithead scams, driving an old-school Crown Vic around the crumbling districts of a vanishing NYC, picking up debts owed to the Last of the Numbers Runners.

Walk has one rule: he doesn’t rough people up. Why? Walk knows that under his put-upon, Zen-cynic exterior, there lurks a roiling sea of rage. And when Walk fucks people up? He tends to fuck his life up.

Christine Halloway’s lost everything.

Her husband and son gunned down before her eyes, Christine soon discovers that her husband was a long-standing toady to one of NYC’s biggest drug importers. Her utopic upscale suburban life was always a sham…one she was complicit in hiding, even from herself.

The vicious murderers who let Christine escape their grasp figure it’s no biggie. She’s just some middle-aged soccer mom. Easy prey.

They’re dead wrong.

Christine fought her way up, literally, from the mean streets of Handan, China. First through the brutal world of professional MMA, then through the even more brutal world of LA’s modelling circuit. Now Christine’s out looking for the bastard behind it all…

Bryce Peck’s at the top of the motherfucking world.

His online empire started small, with the monopolization of grey market sports betting. Now he’s expanding: #BrokenWindows, his new start-up, seeks to totally replace the NYPD with what he’s calling “Uber for cops”.

But Bryce isn’t content with just disrupting one side of the law-and-order racket. He’s also behind the massive takeover of NYC’s drug world…the one that cost Christine’s husband and son their lives.

One red light is all it takes.

Christine, battered, exhausted, and on the run, needs a ride. Walk’s Crown Vic is stopped at an intersection. She gets in the back, ignoring his protestations. “I’ve had a hell of an evening,” she says and then fans out five one-hundred-dollar bills.

Who the hell’s gonna say no to that?

But one simple ride will turn into an orgy of retaliatory violence, as both Walk and Christine come to face their true selves in a trial by firefight.

For Jason Walk, too, has a score to settle with Bryce Peck.  

Peck, however, is insulated: by his money, by his technology, and by his on-call app-army of thugs, who are only too glad to keep the peace for a price. Peck’s peace.

Jason Walk and Christine Halloway are about to find that revenge is an edge, one that gives way into an abyss of horrific violence, personal dissolution, and total betrayal. But Walk and Christine aren’t the kind to back down, not even if it means… WALKING THE EDGE.


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all illustrations copyright (c) Benjamin Marra, 2022