NFL Wide Receiver Rae Carruth, the women who loved him, and the one he wanted dead.

Love, sports, murder-for-hire, and a courageous victim who, thanks to a haunting, 12-minute emergency call made to 911, saved her son and implicated his father before she passed.

Including an interview with the author by imprint editor Alex Belth.

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The Stacks Reader Series highlights classic literary non-fiction and short fiction by great journalists that would otherwise be lost to history—a living archive of memorable storytelling by notable authors. Curated by Alex Belth and brought to you by The Sager Group with support from NeoText.

Peter Richmond dropped out of ITT Automotive Technical School in Everett Ma. before he was about to flunk out. Seven years later, he resigned his copy-editing gig at the Washington Post just ahead of being washed out for getting the Oriole score wrong in the headlines atop a Tom Boswell story, in every edition, and, a week later, printing the same box score twice in a doubleheader. After that Richmond took a job at a newspaper paper in San Diego, the city with the lowest percentage of newspaper readers of any city in the United States. Eventually he found work at GQ magazine, where he was allowed to write as he pleased for 13 wonderful years, until he got fired from that one, too. Long story.