John Delia wore evening gowns. John Delia had an operation. John Delia became Diane Delia. Diane Delia was murdered. Delia’s boyfriend was accused of the crime. Their girlfriend was accused, too. One went to jail, the other didn’t.

Including an interview with the author by imprint editor Alex Belth.

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Joyce Wadler is a New York City humorist and journalist who created and wrote the “I Was Misinformed” humor column for The New York Times, where she was a staff reporter for 15 years. Before going to the Times Ms. Wadler was a feature writer and crime reporter for newspapers and magazines, as well as an author and screenwriter. She was the New York correspondent for The Washington Post, a contributing editor for New York and Rolling Stone, a staff writer at People and The Daily News Magazine, and a reporter at Dorothy Schiff’s New York Post. Her books include My Breast, her memoir about breast cancer, which she later adapted as a CBS television movie, and Liaison, the story of the French civil servant and the Chinese opera singer which inspired the play M. Butterfly.