"Mark Rogers knows that the stylish, polished picture frame in which we live is riddled with holes, in which worms live." —James Sallis, author of Drive

Hugo Berenson has spent a lifetime hunting down ex-Nazis and bringing them to justice. Now in his 60s, with a legendary career behind him, he’s gone to ground in Jersey City, living a quiet and anonymous life. Just another old man on a park bench.

When a nine-year-old girl goes missing, and when the authorities barely raise a finger to find her, the panic-stricken mother seeks out Hugo Berenson. A hunter renowned for tracking his prey. For never giving up.

Helping Rosa find her child didn’t make sense. I was done. Slow. Old. Only minimally interested in my fellow man. The thing is, I’d spent a lifetime hunting men to bring them to justice. It was a hunt of retribution. Many years of it. I’d never hunted someone to save them.

Evil flows – from Dachau to the alleys of Jersey City. One man will stem the tide. Gray Hunter.

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Mark Rogers is a writer and artist whose literary heroes include Charles Bukowski, Willy Vlautin, and Charles Portis. He lives in Baja California, Mexico with his Sinaloa-born wife, Sofia. His award-winning travel journalism for USA Today and other media outlets has brought him to 56 countries. His crime novels have been published in the U.S and UK. Uppercut, his memoir of moving to Mexico, is published by Cowboy Jamboree Press. NeoText publishes his Mexico noir series and Gray Hunter series.