Nick Evans leaves his CIA station desk in Prague to track a wanted suspect. The target is a man called Harper, and the Agency has been looking for him for years. But there's an inexplicable recurring problem: everyone who's ever gone after him has somehow forgotten who they were looking for.

Nick finds himself chasing a secret legacy in the dark as he is propelled into an international hunt for a man seemingly impossible to catch. A man rumored to have attained strange powers birthed during the height of deepest black programs of the past, like MK Ultra, and beyond.

Who, and what, is Harper, and why is he wanted? The answers lie on a dangerous path for those who pursue him, and Nick finds that while some may want to capture Harper, others want him dead — along with anyone who has laid eyes on him.

Thomas Ray is an American writer with a diverse work background intersecting with US intelligence and military branches. He is an avid traveler and adventure seeker.