Sexy, funny, violent, and darkly satirical, Children of Angels is a “World’s Best Dad” mug filled with gasoline.

The dust is extra-terrestrial in nature, falling on dozens of cities around the world, a pink shower of tiny particles inhaled and ingested by thousands. They call the event Angelfall.

Speculation and fear run rampant until—the men begin to change. They become stronger, faster, smarter, more beautiful. They will be the paragons of their generation, the leaders of a bright new future.

But then they have children; and there’s something very wrong with these kids.

The true cost of their gifts revealed, the Angelfall men are faced with choices none of them are prepared to make...

Children of Angels is a debut sci-fi novella by JT Petty, the creator of Splinter and Outlast and the writer/director of The Burrowers, with illustrations by acclaimed comic book artist, Michael Gaydos.

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Illustrations copyright © Michael Gaydos, 2024. All rights reserved.

JT Petty makes movies, TV, and video games. He helped create Splinter Cell and Outlast, and has written a dozen games. His first feature film played the Sundance Film Festival, and his subsequent work as writer/director includes the creature feature The Burrowers for Lionsgate. He lives in America with his family and his rabbits.

Michael Gaydos has worked in the world of the illustrated word and graphic novel for nearly 30 years. His list of credits include work for Marvel, DC, Random House, Dark Horse, Image, IDW, NBC, White Wolf and Onyx Path among others. With writer Brian Michael Bendis, he is co-creator of Jessica Jones for Marvel, who has her own Disney+ series, and Pearl for Jinxworld. Michael's fine art work has also been the subject of a number of solo exhibitions and his art is in private collections worldwide. In 2015, at Galerie Ardulik in Paris, Michael had a solo exhibition of his original art from both Alias and Jessica Jones.