A twisted clash of cultures in the Deep South erupts over one blood-soaked, bullet-strewn night.

Released from jail where he was awaiting trial on a bullshit charge, Jessie just wants to get his car from the pound and take his mom the flowers on the back seat for her birthday.

Wrong place.
But when the ride he hitches to the pound turns into the kind of nightmare you can’t wake up from, Jessie has no choice but to bring down the high and mighty locals who have taken the Law into their own bloody hands.

Wrong time.
What he uncovers is a violent brotherhood intent on keeping their sadistic little cult a secret. And they don’t care who they have to kill to keep their way of life ticking over just as it is. But here’s what they haven’t reckoned for…

Right guy.
Jessie doesn’t care either.

Buckle up for an adrenalin-fueled Southern Noir.

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all illustrations copyright (c) Victor Santos, 2023

JAYSON ROTHWELL is a writer, director, and a big fan of brevity.

Victor Santos is the Eisner and Harvey nominee creator and co-creator of graphic novels like Filthy Rich, Rashomon, Bad Girls, Against Hope or Violent Love. His work has been published in countries like USA, Spain, France, Italy and recently China and Japan. He has collaborated with companies like Netflix, Fnac, Porsche, the Corvus Belli game company and artists like Deadmau5. His Polar quadrilogy, published by Dark Horse, has been adapted as an original Netflix movie production with Mads Mikkelsen and Vanessa Hudgens, while a number of his other works have been optioned and are in different stages of development. He is also currently working on new different IPs created by him for mediums like comics, TV and cinema.