In a city blue with cold, a homeless man shivers on a traffic island underneath two intersecting overpasses. My name is James. I lost my family. Please help his sign reads.

No one looks at him twice. No one offers him more than the change in their pocket. Much less a home.

But when James stumbles down a dark alley in a lonely part of town, a rusted door leads to a seemingly abandoned house, where he finds not only shelter and warmth, but a base he can use to finally restart his life...and rescue Cally, his young daughter, from the bullying kids at the Center.

But his new home needs more than just a few licks of paint.

It craves live flesh and blood to feed on, to suck dry, right down to the bones. And without realizing it, James has become its new caretaker.

The Home is ravenous, and it won't be satisfied until it has devoured everything James can provide ... including Cally.

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all illustrations copyright (c) Vassilis Gogtzilas, 2023

Matheson Greene has spent the last 32 years selling hotdogs out of the back of a van. This is his first novella.

Vassilis Gogtzilas is a comic book artist, painter and illustrator, who is best known for The Bigger Bang, which he illustrated and co-created with scriptwriter D.J. Kirkbride, and The Adventures of Augusta Wind, written by J.M. DeMatteis.