An elite Special Operations team fights global terror threats using a radical new technology that promises—and threatens—to change the nature of warfare.

US Army Special Missions Unit operator Jake Gray leads his team through the Somalian battlefield on an assault against a High Value Target — a warlord with a well armed militia. Infil to the target involves hummvees, helos and the coordination of drones and use of satellite imagery. Jake’s team reaches the target — only to find that he’s already been eliminated.

Jake believes that he saw something on target. He believes that someone is hiding a specialized new weapon, one that somehow just made his entire team obsolete.

Strange visitors plant breadcrumbs that lead Jake to the middle of nowhere in the New Mexico desert, where he is invited into a secret Army facility hundreds of miles from where any Army installation should be.

What he discovers there, and what he is invited to join is a new unit, one that eliminates bad guys using a technology that defies imagination and against which the enemies of freedom have no defense — at least, not for now.

Grounded in real Special Ops tactics, Red Rovers is a full magazine of thrills and military action.

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Leo Baker spent years supporting military operations in different parts of the world. He writes about military action and science fiction. Leo enjoys taking pictures, walking his dogs and strong coffee.